• She reasonably searched[ capital Belgian Congo ]and in less than a second she discovered that the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo is Kinshasa, a port town on the Congo River.

  • The capital of that former country was Boma until 1926, when it was moved to Léopoldville (which was later renamed Kinshasa).

  • I watched in dismay as a young student slowly typed her query into a smartphone.

  • Knowing which city was the capital during which time period is complicated in the Congo, so I was not terribly surprised by the girl’s mistake.

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How to Be a Better Web Searcher: Secrets from Google Scientists

Researchers who study how we use search engines share common mistakes, misperceptions and advic By Daniel M. Russell and Mario Callegaro  Credit: Getty Images In a cheery, sunshine-filled fourth-grade classroom in California, the teacher explained the assignment: write a...

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