• The Turkish-flagged fishing boat, The Sons of Idris 1, was led by a coastguard boat to the port of Famagusta.

  • This was the first time that the Turkish Cypriot authorities proceeded in taking legal measures against the violations of their “coastal waters”, according to Kibris.

  • Greenpeace in Turkey had complained in the past about Turkish ships fishing during spring, claiming that this is the main reason why the fish is becoming extinct in Turkey’s seas.

  • After the arrest of the suspects, the goods were confiscated and the 3.6 tonnes of fish were sold to a private company for 6,000 Turkish lira (1,500 euros).

06/06/17 17:58


Turkish Cypriots seize Turkish ship and crew

A Turkish ship was seized by Turkish Cypriot authorities for entering its “territorial waters” and its 13 crew members were detained, Kibris reported on Tuesday. The incident occurred on Sunday evening by the Rizokarpaso River and on Monday the suspects were brought before...

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