• Touching on these effects for two days next week, the Pharos Art Foundation will present the screening of a number of silent films while original music will be played live.

  • The first film to be screened on Wednesday, is the oldest surviving animated feature film, 1926’s The Adventures of Prince Achmed.

  • The film uses intricate silhouettes made from cut-out cardboard and thin sheets of lead, an animation technique the director Lotte Reiniger invented, to enact a tale from The Arabian Nights.

  • The film sets off the adventures of Southern railroad engineer Johnny Gray (Buster Keaton), facing off against Union soldiers during the American Civil War.

12/01/18 20:33


The magical age of silent film, set to original music

Music and film go together like tea and biscuits. You just have to look at how scores change the mood of a film and how it can easily make us well-up in those emotional scenes to realise how important music really is when it comes to motion pictures. Touching on these effects...

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The magical age of silent film, set to original music

Cyprus Mail

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