• Footage from the inauguration ceremony in parliament showed Savvidis, the Russian-born owner of Paok Thessaloniki football club, seated next to attorney-general Costas Clerides.

  • Speaking on the state broadcaster, Akel MP Stefanos Stefanou – who also attended the president’s inauguration – said the people present were surprised to see Savvidis there.

  • A statement from parliament services said only that the Greek businessman had been included on the list of guests of President Nicos Anastasiades.

  • In an interview, the Archbishop sought to distance himself from Savvidis, denying reports that the businessman was interested in acquiring TVOne, the television channel owned by the Church of Cyprus.

13/03/18 22:15


Questions raised about Savvidis’ position at inauguration

Questions were raised on Tuesday about the attendance of Greek businessman Ivan Savvidis at the president’s inauguration earlier this month, after he grabbed headlines at the weekend storming onto a football pitch in Thessaloniki apparently armed with a holstered revolver....

Cyprus Mail ·

Questions raised about Savvidis’ position at inauguration

Cyprus Mail

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