• Michaelides’ report at least acted as a reminder of this ongoing scandal of mismanagement designed by the political parties and sponsored by the state.

  • Thanks to this idiocy, Levadhia, Sotira, Yeri, Athienou, Aradippou, Peyia and Dherynia were elevated from communities into municipalities, with mayors, paid councillors and dozens of permanent posts, which the taxpayer is funding.

  • Councillors are paid in the region of €800 plus a month to attend a municipal council meeting every four or five weeks, if they can be bothered.

  • The reform bills submitted by the government were rejected by all the parties, except Disy, because it could not go against the government.

05/05/18 05:13


Our View: Local government is wasting taxpayers’ money

Auditor-General Odysseas Michaelides said nothing new or anything we did not know about the dysfunctional system of local government, the main role of which is to squander the taxpayer’s money on the salaries of unproductive staff, councillors that have only contempt for...

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