• The report was drafted after a visit by an EU delegation in early February.

  • Furthermore, Syrian asylum seekers and families, as well as unaccompanied children, were not being detained, more refugees were being granted refugee status, and the examination of appeals for rejected asylum status had been improved.

  • Regarding the immigrant detention centre in Menoyia, the report records significant improvements in capacity, detention conditions, communication with the outside world, and health care.

  • There had also been more police training thought the Commission still recommends a change of culture in the police force, and increased training of its members, and relevant instructions had been given towards this.

28/04/18 10:50


Justice ministry says report on prevention of torture ‘positive’

The justice ministry said it was satisfied with the report of the European Commission on the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT), regarding Cyprus, saying the conclusions noted a significant improvement. “The findings of the CPT...

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