• If TD Paul Murphy is jailed for more than six months, he will be removed as a TD, denying the democratic choice of the people of Dublin South West.

  • The 18 adults now awaiting trial from April 2017 face sentences up to life imprisonment.

  • Model protest letter: Protest letter to Tanaiste and Minister of Justice and Equality [Date] [Name] Address [Email adress] Frances Fitzgerald, Dept.of Justice and Equality, 51, St.

  • The trials, which will be six to eight weeks long, themselves will place enormous stress and strain on the defendants.

16/04/17 05:45


Ireland: Solidarity campaign: JobstownNotGuilty – Protesting is Not a Crime

Judge John King found a 17 year old school student guilty of false imprisonment – a verdict a barrister described as “a recipe for totalitarianism”. This related to an anti water charges protest in Jobstown, Tallaght in Dublin on 15 November 2014, where then Tánaiste...

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