• “In this respect, it is participating in discussions with potential investors in Hellenic Bank,” the lender said on Thursday.

  • Hellenic said any transaction would be subject to regulatory approval and any share capital increase that may be required will be subject to the approval of its shareholders.

  • The lender is one of three parties that showed interest in taking over part of the co-op, in line with the conditions announced by the government.

  • The state, which nationalized the co-ops in 2013 through a €1.7bn injection, is looking to dispose of the bank, or part of its assets in a process that started last month.

26/04/18 11:58


Hellenic discussing co-op options with potential investors

Further to an announcement released earlier this month in which it confirmed its interest in the co-op bank, Hellenic Bank said Thursday it was exploring options in the event it would require additional capital if it were to go through with a binding acquisition proposal....

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