• Turkish warships have been escorting Turkish drilling vessels in the Eastern Mediterranean since the proclamation of the EEZ (exclusive economic zone) of the Republic of Cyprus.

  • *** Greek and Cypriot governments have designated offshore plots and entered into contracts with major oil multinationals for hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation.

  • Today’s crisis, which has been going on for months, is the worst since the 1974 war, both in terms of how long it lasts and in terms of the dangers it poses.

  • According to the German media (Die Welt), Erdogan discussed the possibility of sinking a Greek ship or shooting down a Greek plane, but was stopped by his generals.

09/09/20 13:24


Greece – Turkey – Cyprus: Hydrocarbons torpedo Peace in the Mediterranean! No to nationalism, no to war, no to Natural Gas drillings!

Common statement by Xekinima (ISA Greece) Socialist Alternative (ISA Turkey) NEDA (ISA Cyprus) the statement in greek and turkish here and here The discovery of hydrocarbon deposits in the Eastern Mediterranean seabed adds another factor to the competition of the ruling...

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