• “All these projects are fully funded by the European Union”,UNDP head Tiziana Zennaro tells theSundayMail, speaking of the programme that began to take planning shape in 2012 and has been physically implemented since 2014.

  • The town’s narrow streets, a labyrinthine warren linking majestic squares of soaring ancient buildings and tumbled ruins, are sleepy and unhurried, belying a past rich in the shuttle of business and trade transactions.

  • Nowadays, elderly men sit on small chairs in front of their semi-defunct workshops.

  • While some drink coffee and play backgammon in the shade of huge trees, others take idle strolls.

29/04/18 14:13


Famagusta: mini model for a future Cyprus 

A short afternoon walk within the walls of Famagusta offers few clues that change is in the air yet careful scrutiny of the stone and brick surrounds reveals an ongoing internationally funded facelift with the aim of preserving and restoring the inherent beauty of this medieval...

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