• Last Monday he called on both communities in Cyprus to agree to accept the framework proposed by the United Nations secretary-general for peace talks.

  • Problems Oral Presentations In my long involvement in the Cyprus problem I have always been against verbal presentation of positions, or important ideas, not backed by supporting documents.

  • Mavroyiannis’ text is the one used by the Greek Cypriots.

  • Verbal presentations are unfortunately often favoured, because it is felt that you can always deny that you said something when criticised or challenged.

06/05/18 04:53


Cyprus talks: lost in translation

By Costas Apostolides The title of this article is not inspired by the successful film produced by Sofia Coppola and released in 2003, but by the state of affairs on the Greek Cypriot side in response to the gauntlet thrown down by the Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci...

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