• The significance of these elections is that they will trigger the application of the provisions of the new Turkish Constitution, which will significantly strengthen the powers of the elected president.

  • The small nationalist party of Devlet Bahceli is expected to form a coalition with the AKP for contesting the parliamentary elections, now scheduled to take place in two months’ time.

  • The available evidence suggests that the reasons, which have prompted Erdogan to take this decision stem from the risk that the Turkish economy may deteriorate over time.

  • The assessment of most observers of the political scene in Turkey is that, subject to unpredictable events, Erdogan will be the next president of the Turkish Republic.

22/04/18 05:50


Cyprus must tread carefully in run-up to Turkish elections

By Christos P. Panayiotides LAST Wednesday, President Tayyip Erdogan announced his decision to call early presidential and parliamentary elections, to be held on 24 June, about one and a half years earlier than the scheduled time of November 2019. The significance of...

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