• Plan of action shows our strength The general strike was the final point of the plan of action that started in September, just before the government was formed.

  • The solidarity, but also the movement’s passive support, continues to grow.

  • LSP/PSL, the Belgian CWI section, intervened with the slogan “No Thatcher in Belgium”’ and stressing the need for an action plan.

  • The new right wing government indeed would follow the path of Reagan and Thatcher in an open confrontation with the working class.

16/04/17 05:28


Belgium: Massive general strike makes the government wobble

Towards a second plan of action to get rid of this government and austerity! PSL/LSP (CWI in Belgium) reporter The general strike of 15 December in Belgium was phenomenal. The united call of all three trade union centres illustrated the power of the working class movement....

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